The meaning behind Firefly!

Firefly is a nickname given to me by my husband. I was attending Girl Scout camp with my daughter, Makayla, and was in need of a camp name. He came up with Firefly because he said I lit up a room every time I smiled. It stuck...Firefly...that's me!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Us in the New Year

Typically you would post something like this around the New Year when resolutions are made and broken but we're a little behind this year. I decided that for 2011 I would make a concerted effort to change the way the family eats and to try to help everyone get more active. So, I joined Ediets and signed both my daughter and I up for Curves. I'm going to try to keep an update running here on how the family as a whole is doing, as well as, how my daughter and I are doing with Curves. We have our first weigh in on Tuesday evening.

I've been on ediets since last Wednesday, March 2nd and so far I love it! It does get costly with all of the grocery items you have to get in the beginning but I feel healthier already and don't feel like snacking all of the time. I am going to take the knowledge I get from ediets for myself and stretch it out for the whole family. I am so hoping that they all jump on board with this. I think my biggest challenge will be curbing snacking and trying to get my little guy, Phalyn, he's 5, to eat anything other than a sandwich.

I'm taking pictures of some of the meals I prepare and I'll post them along the way, too. Here are two meals I prepared over the past two days. The first one is Pork with Pasta and Vegetables (with an apple). The second is a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a Cranberry-Walnut Salad. Both were very delicious and filling.

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  1. *sniff sniff* i wanted that sandwich you you uggg you have to make me one like tommorow im seiourious. :( :p