The meaning behind Firefly!

Firefly is a nickname given to me by my husband. I was attending Girl Scout camp with my daughter, Makayla, and was in need of a camp name. He came up with Firefly because he said I lit up a room every time I smiled. It stuck...Firefly...that's me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Busy-ness of the End of Summer

Well, the summer is coming to an end and school is about to begin. It's an exciting time for me really. The trained teacher in me looks forward to the start of a new and exciting school year. The homeschooling mom in me tends to get a bit nervous when I try to think of new ways to excite my children about learning and all of its possiblities. I have a new preschooler this year which is always very exciting since at that age they are just so thrilled to be doing "big kid work". He love, love, loves to do the activity worksheets. I'm wondering if I'll be able to plan enough to keep him satisfied that he has completed all he needs to in one day. He always wants more and more to do. Oh, the challenge! I have one child, my new middle schooler, who has already begun her favorite subjects about a month early. She's done probably a weeks worth of Handwriting and Spelling and some English, too. She's uber excited...right now! Hopefully that stays with her throughout the year. My upper middle schooler isn't so excited about the prospect of doing "school work" again. He would just as soon skip school and play games or do anything beyond doing actual work. He does love to read, however. He just finished a 546 page book in about three days but he has a hard time finding something new and interesting to read next. He has favorite authors and is extremely loyal to them. I am that way too, but fortunately my author has been around in the book world for many years and has more novels than I am in years (ok, probably double that). My husband is the same way, very loyal to his authors but also has a plethora of titles to choose from. I guess my son will get to that point himself. Anyway, I strayed from the topic at hand. The only other "student" in my house is learning to....well, she will be learning to walk...soon...probably. She's right at a year old now and loves to scoot everywhere she needs to go. She does love typing on the keyboard when Mommy is at the computer. Future genius in the works, I can see it So with school planning underway, even though with this economy I haven't even been able to acquire all of the needed curriculum for the group, summer is coming to a close. It will be a fun time with new homeschooling friends through our church homeschooling group and kids moving up into the youth group and getting more involved at church. Oh, what fun!