The meaning behind Firefly!

Firefly is a nickname given to me by my husband. I was attending Girl Scout camp with my daughter, Makayla, and was in need of a camp name. He came up with Firefly because he said I lit up a room every time I smiled. It stuck...Firefly...that's me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Favorite Blog

I just wanted to make mention here of a favorite blog of mine. A Joyful Chaos is so enjoyable to read. It celebrates the memories of an Amish childhood, in part, as well as raising a family of her own after having left the Amish life. I find her writing so enjoyable. She has a way of making you feel like you could have been a part of the events she writes about.
My mom turned me on to reading about the Amish. We have read many books by Beverly Lewis, who I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have often said that I admire the simplicity of life and faith that go along with being Amish. I have even implemented technology free weeks in an effort to bring some simplicity and focus to my own family. I always wish we could make that time last a little longer but it seems that we are too technology driven these days to stay away forever. I think I could make it happen with training but with four children that are used to having computer access, television and video games, it would take immense planning and reprogramming. Maybe I'll start with a tech-free day each week. That definitely sounds do-able. I'll keep you posted. But until then, if you would like a relaxing and enjoyable read, check out A Joyful Chaos!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. It was a pleasant surprise when I dropped by again this morning.